Monday, 11 March 2013

Heaphy Track - day 2 Gouland Downs hut to Saxon Hut

We have some more off-track adventures this afternoon.

After lunch we follow the track for a short while and follow Bill to a rock overhang which was used in the past for shelter by men and their pack horses.

Further along we leave the track again to explore the enchanted garden.

 into caves... and a scramble up and out to the other side.

Dick finds some rock with small fossils.  

 An eerie mossclad landscape.

 Out onto the track and
down to a waterfall which has just a gentle shower of water.

 A couple of water crossings.

A Moss landscape.

1km from Saxon hut with powelliphanta snail signage. 
We saw several powelliphanta shells today.

 An historic milestone marker from the pack horse era.

 Saxon hut. Home for tonight...

 sleeping platforms and lounge...
 complete with an outside spa.

 Well done. 13km of walking on the track plus four off-track adventures.

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