Thursday, 21 March 2013

A late afternoon walk in Queenstown Gardens

The late afternoon sun bathes the Queenstown Gardens in dappled light.
People are walking, playing tennis, frisbee golf and skateboarding. 

The views from the path around the gardens shoreline are magnificent.
Blooming rosebeds snuggle within the protective shelter of douglas firs.

Queenstown Gardens is one of the oldest civic gardens in New Zealand. The first oak trees were planted in 1866.

Come, walk with me.

Beyond the band rotunda,

over the bridge... pause for reflection,

around the pond...

to the path alongside Lake Wakatipu.
NZL14, the NZ trial boat for the Americas Cup in San Diego 1992  is moored nearby.
Children are having fun pedalling on the bay.

Along the path comes Wang Jue who greets me like a long-lost friend... even though we have just this moment met.
I love these moments.

To the southwest, Cecil Peak and Walter Peak.  SS Earnslaw will be steaming to Walter peak Station shortly.

To the south east  the Remarkable Range .

Into the douglas fir forest ...
where lots of Frisbee golfers are out on the course.

Teeing off.

Up the slope and into the rose gardens.
The Queenstown climate is perfect for roses. The second flowering is well under way.

A huge rock with a 1913 commemoration of The patient, stubborn, invincible courage. The loyal comradeship and brilliant achievement of Robert Falcom Scott and his men.

Autumn flowers...

Spanish chestnuts...

sycamore seed pods. We used to make 'aeroplanes' with these.

The Earnslaw is building up a head of steam...she toots her steam horn and reverses out of the bay,

turns, and steams toward walter Peak. Smokey haze over the glistening water.

Beyond the tennis courts and bowling greens I happen upon the skateboard park.

where I meet Deby and Joao and their friends. Joao has been riding on a skateboard with his daddy.
He likes the camera.

A perfect place for a walk.
Serene setting, lovely gardens, trees showing a hint of autumn, glorious views, and people out enjoying themselves.

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