Saturday, 2 March 2013

A walk through Parnell Parks

We can walk from Point Resolution Park to Parnell Village via several parks. 
Judges Bay, Dove Myer Robinson Park, Alberon Reserve  and Scarbrough Park.

Alberon Reserve and Scarborough Park are secret places tucked away off no exit streets. 
Each includes grassed areas and walkways through urban forested valleys. So let's go and explore.

Come, walk with me.

 Oak trees are shedding leaves and acorns early this year.

It is very dry and the palms are showing stress. The nikau palms are shedding lots of fronds.

 Scarborough park -
a peaceful enclave surrounded with trees and houses on the perimeter.
A happy birthday party for Stephen is in progress as I walk by.

Carmichael House

  Subtropical Auckland foliage

 Stressed palms and Pawpaw show how dry the summer has been.

It makes me thirsty, too...

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