Sunday, 27 January 2013

One Mile Track - a lot of steep 'up' today.

One Mile Track leads up to to the Gondola on Bob's Peak.
It is the steepest walk I have done this week. 
The start of the trail looks easy enough. 
Come, walk with me.

Just beyond the entrance to the trail is the One Mile Power station.

It is spic and span after a trust restored it to its former glory. I peered through the windows. I love finding out about these pioneer engineering projects and am glad that folk have restored this site.
Visits inside can be arranged but today I have other plans.

A set of steps takes me directly to steep, uneven ground. I don't mind because exposed root systems like these are great for my preparation for hiking on bush tracks.

 The track follows the pipeline from the dam to the powerhouse.

If you look carefully at the centre tree trunk you will see an orange triangular blaze. 
I follow that trail...
 ...and find myself among huge rocks and wondering if I have gone astray.
 I have, and am 'rescued' by these two - a Swiss and a Brazilian hiker

 They help me down this rough stuff on to the track running along the pipeline.

'I once was lost, and now am found'

Do I get anxious hiking on my own?
No, I am content in 'my own skin' and I like the solitude.
There is a mystery in being on a journey, even a short journey.
I have missed the quiet daily retreats under my motorcycle helmet.

But...I am happy having company, too.

In 2004 I was given an Outward Bound Course as a gift.  I learned many things.
Among them that I was capable of accepting challenges and of assessing risk.
This trail is low risk territory.

The trail leads to more steps...
 and to more 'up'
 Vincent from Paris tells me it is another 45 minutes to the Gondola. He is on his descent.

Bright splashes of color catch my eye.

 The vehicle service lane from Thomspon Street to the Gondola is a lot easier going.
 Josh and Suzie are planning to climb Ben Lomond today.
ADVrider readers will recognise speedojosh.

 Big views from the Gondola station.

 Over there is the trail on Queenstown Hill.
Coronet Peak ski field is in the distance.

Ahhhh, lovely petunias. Reminscent of the flowers in Anchorage, Alaska

Back to the lake shore.
Another good walk.
Another day when the people I meet on the trail are all  overseas tourists.
I love their enthusiasm for this place.
I love their interest in lots of ideas I suggest in my role as 'tour guide'.
I am glad they chose to visit this slice of paradise and I wish them well and safe travels.

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