Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kelvin Peninsula Walk - early evening stroll from Kelvin Grove

A soft gentle light bathes my walk today.

There are families enjoying picnics, paddle boarders on the water, and children and ducks paddling at Kelvin Grove as I set off.

Frankton and the Crown Range in the distance.

The first person I meet is Anne who is sketching the scene. I have met a creative adventurer.

Come, walk with me.

A huge cradle for hauling the TSS Earnslaw vintage steam ship out of the lake for her survey.

 Not your average boat trailer!
 Boys at play, swinging out into the lake.

 Some trees have to work hard to stay upright.

 One of the two water taxi jetties on my walk.
 The  Wakatipu Yacht club is on this trail. No racing today.
 Rocks, massive rocks....

Queenstown Hill in the distance.

For my friends who play golf. 
"Golf balls do not always travel in the direction intended ....".
This little emerald lake beside the Number 10 green contains several of my golf balls. This one beside the rock down under the trees might be mine. This is the prettiest and shortest hole on the course. I have hit the green in one shot from the tee.  A broken wrist happened here, too.

Every hole on the Kelvin Heights Golf course has a splendid view. Every turn of this trail has, too.

A red guard of honour for me. Rowan trees arch over the trail.  

Look west.
The soft silhouette of Cecil and Walter Peaks and distant mountains frame the shimmering lake.
Number 4 green.

I head through this golden field to where I began.

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