Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mt Crichton Walk - Sam Summers Hut

Another glorious day in paradise.

The walk to Sam Summers hut on the Mt Crichton Loop track is perfect for today. 
Most of the trail is in beech forest and shade. It was 30degC in Queenstown today.

The walk to the hut sidles around the Twelve Mile creek. 
The track beyond the hut is through beech forest and takes me to 625m above sea level.

Some gold mining history, big skycapes, and birdsong along the way.

Come, walk with me.

A couple on their way to search for gold.

I meet Freda who is named for Freda du Faur the first woman to summit Mt Cook.

 The evidence of gold mining is all around, as is the evidence of regeneration.
 'Nature reclaims but signs remain' says the DoC info panel.

 Once upon a time I would have been reluctant to enter this tunnel. Going into confined spaces or being painted into corners was not for me. I happily go through and explore. I want to know what is on the other side.

Closeby is Sam Summer's Hut. His sister still lives in Queenstown.

 Over the bridge and up the hill...

Around many corners. The clouds dance in the sky.

To the south the sky is clear and Lake Wakatipu and  Lake Dispute appear.

Lake Wakatipu is an intense turquoise today.

Work on the track has created rock faces that remind me of Rio Tranquillo in Patagonia.

 The sunbeam lights up this big grass along my way. A signpost that the end of the trail is near.

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