Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bob's Cove Walk

This afternoon I walked  Bob's Cove bridle track which is a section of the route pioneers and their horses travelled between Queenstown and Glenorchy.  Old schist walls and telephone lines seem out of place among the red beech forest.  
It was an easy couple of hours with many stops along the way. 
it was overcast when I set off. The sun came out and 'glory shone around'. I was accompanied by birdsong, and was surprised by splashes of southern rata blossom. The track took me across small beaches  and through lots of regenerating forest among the red beech.

 The track is covered in beech leaves and leads me...

to the turquoise lake.

 with juvenile lancewood...

 to a typical NZ forest trail. Stones,...


and the beginning of a small stream.
 Southern rata, a blaze of red at the lake's edge.

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