Saturday, 26 January 2013

Arrow River Trail on a bike.

Kaye and I had planned a walk this morning but Kaye's casual query 'would you like to ride a bike on the trail' was all the encouragement I needed.
We called in at Queenstown bike tours  at Dudley Cottage in Arrowtown. Matt kitted us out with bikes and helmets (and some instructions for me about gear changing) and off we went. 

My last bicycle ride was on the Clare Rail Trail in South Australia several years ago.  
Matt's bike was much more comfortable. 

My kit for this unexpected ride includes hiking boots and well-travelled trousers and Icebreaker Teeshirt that have traversed the Americas. Carpe diem!

Kaye is the dynamo who has made the Queenstown trail happen.
How privileged I am to have her introduce me to this section of the Queenstown Trail. 

Come this way and join us on the ride from Arrowtown to Whitechapel Road.

We meet people on bikes, dogs like Oscar and walkers along the way.

Toward the Remarkable Range

Toward Coronet Peak.

This cycleway is part of the National NZ cycle trail.
There have been huge local contributions of land and funds.

I love bridges.
It is a far better thing to ride across a suspension bridge than to walk across.

 This part of the trail follows the Arrow river on the  Arrow River Trail.

Sometimes we are riding through the dappled light of the poplars and beeches.

After our ride we called at Provisions of Arrowtown Cafe for a coffee and delicious lunch.

Dick has been in New York this week where it was -15degC. A rugged up Hubbard and a sculpted bull in NYC.

It is 30degC today in Arrowtown.

These gentlemen are riding the whole 100km of the Queenstown Trail today. 

Me, I am happy with gaining my learner's license.

I am in awe of our friends Ken and Tricia  who have ridden their bikes for thousands of km in Europe each year in recent times. Click on the link and be inspired by their adventures.

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