Friday, 25 January 2013

The summit of Queenstown Hill awaits. Extra effort is required today...

... but the moment I saw Brian I knew this was going to be a good walk.

And so it was.

Brian is a man who makes everyone feel loved and 'good to be alive'.

I met people from Sydney, the Isle of Man, Surrey, Dorset and Germany.
Everyone was enjoying the walk on Queenstown Hill this glorious Queenstown day.

 Come through the gate with me....

Buddleia and wilding pines seedlings welcome me to the Queenstown reserve.
The bees are enjoying the nodding thistles and the scotch thistles, too.  
My farmer's daughter instinct tells me that these should all be gone.


I follow up this 'secret' route to the main track. The tree roots and rocks are good practice for hiking. Diane goes up the hill four or five times a week.  

The main track has an even surface. it is cool in the shade.

I come to a junction and choose to go left.
Up and up and up I go.

White gentians along the trail

The summit.
Rachel who is 6 1/2 scampered up with her family.

Westward to Skippers Canyon

I feel exhilarated in this place.

This week I have been reading  'Elemental' Central Otago Poems by Brian Turner with Gilbert Van Reenen's photographs.

....' And, all through
whatever happens,  whatever evolves,
rock outcrops crane
from the ridgelines
and take what comes.
And what comes, comes together
one way or another,
whatever you do; and wherever
you go, goes with you
until you're through.'

East to The Remarkables

West to Queenstown, and...

Down, Down, Down......

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