Thursday, 9 January 2014

Walking on air

Come, walk with me.
Harnessed up and ready to walk on air.

Brooke and Arjun who are the terrific guides for our group of 8.  
All the other participants are from overseas. 
Curiously there is only one man in the group.
We are separately and carefully connected to the zipline.
Step this way...

You will be airborne before you reach the bottom step.

The brakes ensure a gentle landing.

 Some stair walking to the next level...
 What are these fellow Ziptrekkers watching?

How to take off for an upside down zip.
I have spent quite a bit of my life figuring 'which way is up' so I resist the challenge.

 The views from the zip lines and at the tree huts are terrific.
Cameras can be tethered to the harness but I prefer to keep mine in a zipped pocket. I doubt I'd take a photo as I zip along a zipline.

There is a strong sustainability theme illustrated at each Ziptrek treehouse and  Arjun and Brooke explain the principles. This sustainability focus on an adventure ride is a first for me.
 This Maori whakatauki (proverb)  at the end of the Ziptrek conveys the essence of sustainability.
'Care for the land, care for the people, go forward'.
 Go forward... and up the track to the first Ziptrek Tree house where the zipping began.

What shall I try next?
Mountain biking…
There are some world champion mountain-bike trails here.

Ah, but I have done this. A few years ago when we were at the Skyline I casually mentioned I'd like to do it one day. Dick went to get me a cappuccino and came back with the coffee and a ticket to fly!

Luge. I can tick this, too. Perhaps I'll do it again.

People watching and chatting to visitors is a perennial favourite here for me.

The view from here is magnificent. 
Everyone seems to be exhilerated  by it.
I am so blessed to live in this beautiful place

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