Monday, 6 January 2014

Tiki Walking Track - Ben Lomond Forest

It is time for some down-hill walking.
Today is a good day - cool and overcast.

I board the Skyline gondola to Bob's Peak.  
The Tiki trail  begins near the luge track.  
To the left is the  ZipTrek platform, I pause and enquire but the next booking time is 3 hours away. 
So I continue walking down the trail which is intersected by mountain bike trails. Keep a watch for bikes.

The ZipTrek route is in the same forested area as the Tiki Trail. 
A clue. 
Tiki walking track is going to be steep in parts. 

I'd like some company, so please...

Come, walk with me.

First let's go up in the gondola.
Over the luge track, past the lupins and daisies bordering the trail...
Stop awhile to watch the Ziptrek punters begin their trip through the forest.
The first part of the track is the vehicular access route to the Skyline station.
Wilding pines are flourishing the areas that have been recently cleared of pines.
Down we go on to the rock strewn Tiki Track...
lots of zigzags...

Southern beech are in abundance here.

The track becomes steeper

and rockier...
Some zip trekkers have to walk to the last station.
 I feel as if I am getting closer to the lake...
Perhaps I should have chosen to walk the track around the Queenstown gardens which lies far below me.
Steps lead...
to a resting place.
My photos don't capture how rough and steep the trail becomes.
I am ever so glad that I wore my tramping boots and that I brought my walking poles.

I think that track maintenance is overdue on this section of the track.
I am wishing I had zip-trekked this rough patch...
The end is nigh...
Will I try the Zip trek? Watch this space...

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