Sunday, 5 January 2014

Moke Lake - expect the unexpected.

Fern and I begin the day with getting berries, elderberry cordial, herbs, cheeses, german liver pate, bacon and black pudding at the Remarkables Farmers' Market.  Then off we go to The Boatshed for breakfast.

It is a perfect Queenstown Day.

I plan to walk around Moke Lake today. 
I have decided to take photographs along the path so that you can sense the joy of the walk.  
Farm fences are protected with climbing styles and boardwalks keep my feet dry.

I meet some wonderful people along the way. People from North Wales, Boston and Sweden. 
Where are the kiwis?

Come, walk with me….

I leave the meadows at the top of the lake...

Over the style and along the board walk with ducks swimming nearby.

 Briar roses, fox gloves, daisies  and Elder flowers dot the path.

The last part of the walk is on the road.

A kind and considerate driver in a red rental car passes me very slowly to reduce the dust.
The car stops a hundred metres ahead of me. 
It turns out that they are visiting locations in Jane Campion's New Zealand TV series The Top of the Lake which had been broadcast in Sweden where they live.

 Oh how I love the serendipitous friendship that happens.
Rolf and Ewa join Fern, Margie and me for dinner at our home.

 A perfect Queenstown Day!

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