Monday, 13 January 2014

Lake Sylvan Track

We are on our way to Glenorchy and beyond to the Lake Sylvan Track which is near the Routeburn Road.
The scenes from the road along Lake Wakatipu are exhilarating.
There is fresh snow on the mountains. Lake Wakatipu is wearing her new colours.
The sun has come out and Fi and I are using our smart phones as cameras as we set off for a walking adventure.

Come, walk with us.
 Photo: Fi White

The Lake Sylvan walk begins with a river crossing.
Don't worry the swing bridge will ensure your feet are dry.

 The track meanders through sun-dappled red beech forest.

 It is a well formed track, but...
 Recent rain has left large puddles to cross...
 We use the wood blocks as stepping stones...
 and climb over the fallen tree trunk. Fi shows how to do gracefully accomplish this feat.
 We can hear a stream somewhere near as the track takes us through regenerating forest...

 to Lake Sylvan.
 Manuka flowers at the lake's edge.
  We follow the track back to the road end...
and we meet Marie who is researching the cave weta in the Wakatipu basin.  She is visiting the weta 'motels' in this location and gathering data on cave weta distribution among other things. Such a treat to talk with a scientist in the field.
 We walk through lush green mossed areas as  we near the swing bridge that takes us to...
 a welcoming party.
Thanks for these 2 photos, Fi.

A warm chicken salad and a cuppa at the Glenorchy cafe is a very welcome conclusion to this walk.

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Marie said...

was great to meet you both and I found lots of cave weta :-)