Saturday, 11 January 2014

A walk around the Lake Hayes A&P Show

Fi and I visit the Remarkables Market for berries from Dave of Goodies of the gorge, white currants and gooseberries from Don of Dalefield, fresh organic eggs, bacon, black pudding and a lamb rack from the specialist butcher.

Next destination -  Lake Hayes A&P show which has all the hallmarks of yesteryear and some 21st century additions.
The get the feel for the events and the exhibitors...

Come, walk with me

 There are vehicles on display.
I love the fire engine. I haven't seen what is behind the shutters before.
Volunteer firemen encourage the little ones to try out the fireman's seats. The firemen are angels.
 The sheep dog has been at work.
 A lawn mower and digger - for every man.
 The rides with lake Hayes in the background.

 The sideshows...

 The grand parade.
 The baking, produce and flowers in the exhibition hall.
First men's cooking
 More Men's business...
 Children's entries...


 Prize winning Merino ram
Petting zoo.

Many families enjoying the glorious day.

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