Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lake Wakatipu Changes colour - An alpine summer's day in Queenstown

The southerly wind bears an antarctic blast.
It is snowing in the mountains.

The wet afternoon lures me to the movies.
I see Twenty feet from Stardom. Worth seeing.
When I emerge from  Dorothy Browns Cinema the sun is shining.

I set off around the hills above the lake. I have noticed the Lake has been more turquoise over the last few days. Apparently masses of glacial flour released in a major landslide on the Dart River and has flowed into the lake. Meanwhile the landslide has created a dam on the Dart river and a section of the Dart walking track near Sandy Bluff is now 20m under water.

I am using a Lumix DMC-G3 camera and have not photoshopped the images. Just in case you are wondering.
Let's see what effect the evening light has on Lake Wakatipu

Come, walk with me.

The evening sun breaks through the clouds and the lake responds.

I spy a rainbow in the distant hills.
I love rainbows and walk on... 
 ...until the arc is at my feet.

A promise...

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