Monday, 4 February 2013

A walk with Parnell history and flowers... and my friend Danielle.

 From near Point Resolution Park...
 the Parnell Pool, Waitemata Harbour  and Devonport in the distance.

At the end of  Judge Street is St Stephen's Chapel and Graveyard.
Wild roses ramble over headstones that date back to the 1800's

 Sir John Logan Campbell lies atop One Tree Hill.
His wife Ida and daughter Emma rest here under the trees in the St Stephens Graveyard,  Judges Bay

 “One of the risks of appearing in public is the likelihood of being photographed.” 
― Diane Arbus
 Pre and post-wedding photographs are common sights in the Parnell Rose Gardens.

 Old roses in this Nancy Steen Rose Garden which is tended by volunteers.

 Judges Bay with Rangitoto Island in the background.

Hibiscus are loving this summer weather.

This is a lovely inner city walk.

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Yvonne said...

Lovely roaming around your backyard, nice rainy day here which we need.