Saturday, 9 February 2013

Anakiwa, Outward Bound and Queen Charlotte Walk

A wonderful early morning visit with Outward Bound students and staff really gave me a great start to the day.

Almost exactly nine years ago I was  at Anakiwa in Cobham Watch beginning an 8 day Discovery Course at Outward Bound. The course had been a surprise Christmas gift.
A gift that changed me.

Today I met with two watches of young people. 
Scott Watch which was one week into a 21 day programme and Shackleton Watch completing an 8 day Discovery programme.
They welcomed me to their breakfast and early morning sharing.

They had discovered many things....

Outward Bound is an experiential outdoors programme which takes participants of all ages on both an outward journey and an inward journey.

The buzz in the Shackleton watch with their instructors as they began the last day of their course was utterly contagious.
Come, meet these wonderful young people.

Why don't you book yourself into an Outward Bound programme, or sponsor a young person?

After you have done that ...

Come, walk with me on the Queen Charlotte Track  beyond the Anakiwa Jetty and the serenity of yachts at anchor in the still morning.

If you leave with me early in the morning you will have the track to yourself as you walk to Davies Bay and beyond.  Later, on my return to Anakiwa other walkers stroll by and the occasional mountain biker appears.

Today's walk was a completely different experience for me compared with the last time I trod this path...
Nine years ago I was 'running' 14km from Waterfall Bay to Anakiwa on the last day of my Outward Bound course.

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