Monday, 4 February 2013

Sculpture on the Gulf - Waiheke Island 2013

The Waiheke Headlands Sculpture on the Gulf  is a joyous, thought provoking, and wonderful community event.
Congratulations to all those involved.

... I am inspired by these quotes from Dennis O'Connor in 'Following the Raupo Boy' in the catalogue. 

'There are things we will never see unless we walk to them.'

'In the course of a walk we usually find out something about our companion, this is true even when we travel alone.'
 From In praise of Walking by Thomas A Clark

Dennis  reminds us that raupo, the bullrush reed is a symbol of Hope.

 Come, walk with me along the headlands.
Let the photographs talk.

 Matthew Muir  'April 1975'

Delicia Sampero, 'Temporary'

 Terry Stringer 'Shrine for the Sea, Soil and Sky'

 Konstantin Dimopoulos 'Beyond Good and Evil'

Veronica Herber ' Slowness Shifting IV

Ray Haydon 'Zenith'

Carolyn Williams 'Field Notes'

Fatu Feu'u ' Waiheke Island Sway

Gina Ferguson 'Sheep Track'

 Jeff Thompson 'Knotty'

Peter Lange 'Every Home Should have One'

Phil price 'Snake'

Kazu Nakagawa ' a play 'CATWALK'
 Getting in on the act...

Glendale Rangiheata 'Nga Whetu Tiaroaro (Pataka)

Aaron McConchie 'I am Auckland'

Phil Price 'Snake'
Gregor Kregar 'Pavilion Structure'

Jonathon Organ, Jessica Pearless Bunker Vision: Hi-Fi

Nic Moon 'Breath'

Christian Nicolson 'Look Darling it's Tom and Nancy'

Bev Goodwin 'Not for Sale'

 David McCracken 'Portrait of Traction and Transmission'

Sharonagh Montrose 'A Weave of Words'
Meet, Sharonagh - we talked with words about words, thoughts as words, where do words go after we have spoken...
I listened to the recorded sounds of conversations as people walked by.

Sarah Brill 'Wildfire'

 David Carson 'Baubles'

After our lunch at the Oyster Inn (sculpture on a plate) we met with a group of adventurous young Argentine women.

 A marvellous day on Waiheke with friends...  A good walk....with my mind filled with ideas.

If you are in Auckland be inspired to go and visit the exhibition which is on until Friday 17 February.

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