Monday, 25 February 2013

Walking the loop - Hobson Bay, Tamaki Drive, and Parnell

A long walk today...
Through Ayr Park, Hobson Bay, along Orakei Road past the boat sheds, along Tamaki Drive, up Gladstone road, through the Parnell Rose Gardens to Judges Bay. 8.5km. 
I have Barbara's company today.

Come, walk with us.

 From Judges Bay

 Through Ayr Park off Brighton Road in the valley behind the Cathedral...

where we meet Hammer, a handsome pine cone eating alsatian.

Through the Mangrove forests on the shores of Bloodworth Park.

Down Victoria Ave...past escapee mandevillia flowers...
and a fine jetty...
  to the board walk which meanders through the mangrove forest.

Along Orakei Rd past clumps of agapanthus...

 to  NKD and a lovely welcome to the cafe.

Lovely things created in the workroom are for sale in the showroom.
One of us leaves with a necklace. No, not pearls.

Once we start talking we discover just how small a world we live in.
All this because we were walking by...
and take the time to stop,
and chat
with Anna...

and Clara.

 Further along Orakei Rd to the boatsheds.
Shags roost outside....
 and fine craft roost behind the doors.

 A splendid pedestrian overbridge under construction.

 Judges Bay.

 Overlooked by St Stephens Chapel.

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