Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill - Maungakeiki

Let's visit a farm in the middle of Auckland City.
A farm at Cornwall Park with volcanic craters, lava, sheep, cows and steeped in history.

Just the place to walk off the beaten track with Mark.

Come, walk with us.

We are taking the rural route along sheep tracks and up through paddocks  in a crater on  One Tree Hill.

Come through the gate and up to the summit.

 From the summit looking west over the flanks of Maungakeiki to Manukau Harbour and the Waitakere Hills.
To the north east over the city to Rangitoto Island.

The obelisk on the summit is often thought to be in honour of Sir John Logan Campbell.
This plaque reminds us that it is a 'permanent record of his admiration for the achievements and character of the great Maori people.'
He is buried here at the foot of the obelisk. His wife and daughter are in the St Stephens graveyard in Parnell.

Let's head down the hill to the Cornwall Park Restaurant for lunch.

 We stop to browse the information centre at Huia House...
 and visit  Acacia Cottage an early home of Sir John Logan Campbell.

Over the style on the right of the gate and past the sheep trough... 

along the sheep tracks, past the archery field, with a southern view of the Obelisk ...

 to the cow paddock.

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