Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Day 3: Hollyford Track, Martins Bay to Milford Sound

Early morning...
Down to the river to board the jet boat

...to zip along the calm Hollyford River

where the reflections were stunning.

Pingao stablising the sand dunes.

Some Australian eucalyptus migrants.

Cameron and Justin, our excellent guides for the hike.

Orchids near the McKenzie homestead site.

Back to the Martins Bay lodge for lunch -  filled fresh bread rolls and fresh fruit and homemade chocolate biscuits.
Fond farewells to Joy and Murray and then...

All aboard the helicopter...
Bird's eye views of where we walked along the sand spit in the morning.
...and into Milford Sound.

Mitre Peak at Milford Sound

Cheeky Kea at Homer Tunnel.
Waiting for food.. or a chance to tear off the windscreen wipers
Unsuspecting drivers, oblivious.

The Hollyford River near the Homer tunnel. 
So clear...

Majestic glacial U shaped valley.

A grand finale to a magnificent three day hike.

During this walk I have seen the forest with 'new' eyes

I am ever so grateful to everyone in the  Hollyford Track team.
They offered a seamless and very enjoyable experience
Well-paced hiking, excellent guides, plenty of information along the way,
Warm welcomes at Pyke and Martins Bay Lodges.
Wonderful food and beverages
Very comfortable jet boat, helicopter and bus rides, too.

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