Saturday, 28 December 2013

Summer in Paradise - walking in Queenstown and the Lakes District

Today is a perfect day for a walk.
The gate is open...
Come, walk with me.

I have decided to begin my walks this southern summer at The Boat Shed cafe.
A walk, breakfast, chatting to whoever comes my way. 
I am in paradise.

While I am doing this Dick is riding a camel on an expedition somewhere in the empty quarter of Chad

Next door to the cafe is an old boat shed.
This boat is wearing a For Sale sign.

Let's walk along the Frankton Arm Track.

 Cyclists share this trail.

We are back at the start.
Let's go to the Remarkables  Farmers' Market and get some local goodies.
This sign catches my eye as I enter the market.
I am full of anticipation for this summer.
 First some Cardrona merino lamb and also some cherries, some Stewart Island smoked salmon and some deli food...
 And some luscious berries from David from  Goodies from the Gorge.
I am on my way home to make red currant jelly and black currant Jam.

A great start to summer walking in Queenstown and the Lakes District.

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