Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another glorious day in Queenstown.

Come, walk with me.
It is hard to imagine that there are storms in other parts of New Zealand.
I am walking down to the Frankton Trail and into town to church..

Southern rata in bloom on the lakeshore.
 Breakfast at the Coronation Bath house on the foreshore.
I wish you were here to join me...

I quite like this quote.
When we were on the motorcycle adventure there was a running joke about duct tape. Something along the lines of "If it moves use duct tape, if it doesn't use CRC."


Ken said...

"If it moves and shouldn't move, use duct tape. If it does't move and should move, use CRC."

Diana said...

Thanks Ken as I move toward a glass of Central Otago pinot….

Kennif said...

I think that is more of a case of "If it moves, and it should move, use central Otago Pinot." :-D (Did I say a case? That's a bit excessive.)

Kennif said...

Hmmm. How about "If it moves and it should move, use Central Otago Pinot." Works for me.

Diana said...

True...We moved to the dinner table last night just as we should and supped a sublime Gibbston Valley Pinot.