Friday, 19 April 2013

Autumn in Paradise - walk from Shotover Bridge to Lake Hayes with Anne

Autumn has arrived in Queenstown.

We have returned from our motorcycle tour in Tasmania.
On with the walking shoes.

We set off over the restored Shotover bridge and along the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers.
We reach Lake Hayes and find a ride back to the car.

We have struck gold today.

Come, walk with us.

 Hick's Cottage and farm sheds on the trail.

 Cloud atop the Remarkables.

I haven't hitchhiked since 1968.
Anne reminds me how it is done.
We get a ride.  Thank you Jonathon.

It is wonderful to be walking the Queenstown Trail with Anne at this time of the year.

We stop for lunch at the Boat Shed Cafe on the Frankton Trail. We had a lively conversation.
We talked of many things including guardian angels.

Afterwards I go to the supermarket - but can't find my credit card when I go to pay at the Check Out counter.
I suspect  must have dropped it in the carpark, if not I'll go home and get another card.

I arrive home just as Sherri Jo arrives.
She needs to take her bike, Tony to the Motorcycle shop.
It is near the place I started walking with Anne.
I take Sherri Jo to the motorcycle shop and decide to check out the area where I parked the car in the morning before we set off over the bridge.
No card.

I begin to phone the Bank to cancel the card.
At that moment I get a phone call from Anne. "Have you got your credit card?"
Her friends have found the card on the trail and contacted her because they remembered she had mentioned my name.

I call her friends.
It turns out they live about 500m away from where I have parked and have my card at home.
I pop in collect my card - and two new friends.
Thank you Maryvon and Ken.

How I love it when something like this happens.
Goodness and guardian angels.

Oh, and I did get to collect my groceries.

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